2.3 Violence in the Bible: When the Saints Were Bad

Continuing with the theme of violence in the Old Testament, let’s look at how to deal with the sins of humanity – especially that of those who are supposed to be the “heroes of the faith” (Hebrews 11).


Our God is a Consuming Fire (Hebrews 12:29)

Five minute excerpt from the sermon On Running & Suffering Well.

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2.2 Violence in the Bible: When God Was Mad

This is part of a two-part podcast on “How do we deal with all of the violence in the Old Testament?” In this podcast, we will look at the violence perpetrated by God. In the next podcast, the violence and evil done by humankind.

On Running & Suffering Well

Sermon on Hebrews 12. On living the Christian life.


A sermon on pain, and caring well for those for whom Christ died. Hebrews 12, Job.


2.1 Anxiety

A podcast on fighting fear and anxiety. Philippians 4:6-7. 

We have been “full-time missionaries” for about three years now. And one constant theme seems to be stress and anxiety. Between wondering what supporters might be thinking, to helping the kids navigate yet another move, to praying for our contacts and thinking about ministry concerns…there’s a lot on our minds! And I haven’t even started talking about all of the political things that are so very wrong in our world of late.

I do not have all of the answers. But I recorded a podcast on some of the main principles that are helping me cope a bit better these days. I hope you enjoy it!

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